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  • Understanding the Big Picture of Internet Marketing

    POINT 1 – It is much easier to sell a product if you create a need for it first.

    POINT 2 – It is much easier to sell combo products if they work with each other.

    POINT 3 – It is priceless is you prebuild a system tying several products together.


    Some examples of the BIG PICTURE: My advertising link for TeamEliteResponder is a good example = http://bit.ly/19sPe7F
    1. Ad bar on top for ViralMailProfits income source 4
    2. Ad bar on bottom for TrafficAdBar income source 3
    3. Ad bar on bottom for VitalViralPro income source 2
    4. Main text = ad for TeamEliteResponder income source 1
    5. Cloaked tracked mailed and scheduled by ViralMailProfits
    6. The top three are free to join Here is an article on how to set up one of these links

    Next Why do I advertise Worldprofit.com?

    Why do I advertise SFI?

    Why do I advertise Reality-Networkers?



    Want to join my team at Reality Networkers?

    Click here http://www.reality-networkers.com/marketingsecret2.php?refid=4458937

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    With that being said my goal is to break even at TeamEliteResponder and now that I have said that I am going to do a Christmas Sale.

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven

    TeamEliteResponder Manager
    skype brojoseph

    Training – Watch me build a business – First – Assemble the tools

    I am going to start with TeamEliteResponder.com  - you can use any site you want keep reading.

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    What sites do I use to advertise?

    How do I know which ones are the best?

    My present top 20 sites I use with the CTR values next to them not in any order

    Need more go to the AFFILIATE PROGRAMS tab.

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven
    TeamEliteResponder Manager



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    Updating Our Ongoing Training

    Here we go  - Ongoing training to get everyone up to speed.

    Here is what I am going to do:

    I suggest you use TeamEliteResponder.com if you are undecided.


    Joseph Freyaldenhoven


    Simple formula

    Generating leads – builds lists – becomes income


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    How to use TeamEliteResponder.com to build any business

    First Goal  - generate leads and place them into TeamEliteResponder.com

    I am going to create some messages and insert my links and get ready to promote.

    This is going to be fun and lucrative

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven

    Top four lead generating strategies

    1. Advertise one site

    2. Advertise up to 4 sites

    3. Advertise startup sites

    4. Advertise all three above


    If you generate up to 5000 hits per day stick with advertising one site.

    Over 10,,000 up to 25,000 hits per day take your pick

    Over 100,000 hits per day – give me a call I want to be mentored by you.

    What is possible for you and me?

    Need help –  contact me –  let us get going

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven



    The Real Power behind an autoresponder

    Today I want to discuss the real power behind an autoresponder.

    These are simple rules that I use and have helped me tremendously.

    2. Keep the messages focused on one important message about your product.


    Joseph Freyaldenhoven

    CTM Manager

    Login to CTM Here

    The Gameplan at CTM – Roadmap to Success

    Based on the feedback the rebrander and CTM training is a great addition to CTM.

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    The gameplan for CTM

    If you have not set up your CTM rebrander Go to http://www.my-ctm.com/reports/affiliate/index.php


    Joseph Freyaldenhoven

    CTM Team Manager

    Some posts that might help:


    CTM 500 Lesson Week 9 – Super Downline Builders

    Hello CTM members

    Now this page is not one to read and discard but rather to save as a resource.

    A little bit about the power of downline builders from a recent post I made

    Downline builders are the common term for affiliate programs.

    Now here is the secret:

    Now about Super Downline Builders

    1. ViralMailersDownlineBuilders http://viralmailerdownlines.com/?bubbajoe
    2. Click Thru Marketing – http://clickthrumarketingsystem.com/?rid=5775
    3. Conversion Surf – http://conversionsurf.com/?rid=4771
    4. Jackpot point sites http://JackpotPointSites.com/?bubbajoe
    5. My Surf Biz - http://mysurfbiz.com/bubbajoe/step1.php
    6. TE Hoopla – http://tehoopla.com/r.cgi/6187
    7. Traffic Hoopla - http://traffichoopla.com/r.cgi/100752
    8. Simple Safelist – http://simplesafelist.com/s.php?bubbajoe
    9. SplashPageSurfer – http://www.splashpagesurfer.com/Home.asp?RID=12138
    10. Affiliate Funnel - http://www.affiliatefunnel.com/?rid=81312

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven

    CTM Team Manager

    Get your referral links in and then let your affiliates and leads know about them.



    Welcome to CTM – We are team that cares and will help you succeed online

    Welcome to CTM

    This is CTM’s login page plus key information for all of our members.


    Joseph Freyaldenhoven

    My Favorite Sites

    Check your membership level and new policy notice

    Hello TeamEliteResponder members TER

    Note: all past membership levels and plans are grandfathered. 

    My present top 20 sites I use with the CTR values next to them not in any order

    Need more go to the AFFILIATE PROGRAMS tab.

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven
    Skype brojoseph

    Why I joined Reality-Networkers.com

    1. Online review from ImReportcard

    2. This site is perfect for TeamEliteResponder.com

    Join my team click the link below:



    Joseph Freyaldenhoven


    The Marketing Revolution in upon us – Be aware of what it means for you

    How can you gain from this revolution?

    Easy just be part of it.

    It is very simple. We will be concentrating on these four steps.

    Finally, our launch of TheLastMailer.com is on schedule.


    Joseph Freyaldenhoven
    TeamEliteResponder.com Manager

    Here we go – First Announcement New Launch with opp for you

    Joseph Freyaldenhoven TeamEliteResponder.com manager

    Profit makers often overlooked even my me at times!

    Here they are:

    1. Start pages on traffic exchanges

    2. Login pages on safelists.

    Comments about start pages. 

    1. These have proven to be real money makers.
    2. Caution – look around before you start to spend money.
    3. Get one page here and there and absolutely track each start page with its own tracking data so you can see where the activity is paying off.
    4. TIP - the big cost start pages are not necessarily the best.
    5. Do your homework and you will really get into start pages because they do work.

    Comments about login pages:

    These are the pages that a member sees when he or she logs onto a safelist.

    1. Again a great source of targeted traffic.
    2.  Same as above look around and track each page.
    3. TIP – there are some real bargains out there trust me.
    4. Caution – look around for the bargains.
    5. Bigger is not always better.
    6. Getting a login page on a small growing safelist might just be your best opportunity.

    Just some good information to add to your tool box.

    Joe Freyaldenhoven

    TeamEliteResponder.com manager

    Keep these thoughts on your bathroom mirror I do

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    Joseph Freyaldenhoven